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Body products

In creating and researching this range, our main objective was to design effective products that embodied a serious response to the public’s expectations. The BODY SPIRIT products provide not only excellent results, but also, pleasant sensations.

A highly moisturising and calming emulsion
Immediately restores the natural moisturising factor (NMF). It calms and softens the skin. It helps and increases epidermal cell renewal. It desensitises the skin and has anti-bacterial properties. It is a unisex product. Its perfume is anti-allergic.

For daily use after the bath or shower. For applying after wax hair removal treatments. For use after

Presentation: 500 ml bottle.

Anti-ageing cream
It provides essential elements with large skin activity. It improves all the skin stigmas that appear with ageing. It provides plant hormones with a similar action to oestrogen. It intensifies microcirculation. It nourishes the skin and increases its oxygen supply. It remineralises and vitalises the skin. It regenerates and redensifies the skin.

Indicated for anti-ageing treatment for the face or body. Atonic, dry, dehydrated, wrinkled skins, and those deficient in hormones (menopause).

Presentation: 200 ml tube.

Cryogenic, vasoconstricting gel
It drains and improves the return flow: venous and lymphatic. It increases blood flow and oxygenates the skin. It eliminates waste and toxins from the skin’s conjunctive tissue. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It refreshes the skin and has slight anaesthetic effects. It immediately mitigates and alleviates muscular fatigue. It helps to reduce accumulated fat and remove cellulite.

For micro varicose veins, swelling and a weighty feeling in the legs, muscular fatigue, cellulite, alleviating moderate pain.

Presentation: 1 kg jar.

Ideal massage cream (professional)
It makes it possible to correctly perform all the strokes involved in a massage. It slides across the skin, but not too much, without leaving the skin feeling oily. Just one application is enough for a 45-minute massage. It improves the condition of any skin type. It restores the natural moisturising factor. It calms and decongests the skin. It has healing properties. It has anti-oxidant properties. It improves the peripheral blood flow. It nourishes and oxygenates the skin.

For all kinds of professional massage. All skin types, even the most sensitive.

Presentation: 1 kg jar.

Cream for lipo reduction massage
It reduces the adipose panicle. It increases fat metabolism. It increases lipolysis, converting fat into energy. It increases the dilation of the follicle channels, helping the lipolytic substances to penetrate the skin. It revitalises the skin and has healing effects.

For reducing excess fat accumulated in any part of the body.

Presentation: 1 kg jar.

A massage cream
It drains waste products accumulated in the skin tissue. Liquefies the consistency of the essential dermal substance. It reduces fat cell hypertrophy. It regulates the action of the female hormones in the skin tissue.

A cream specifically for areas with cellulite. Apply a small amount of the cream with a gentle drainage massage in the areas “swamped” with cellulite.

Presentation: 1 kg jar.

Concentrated powder of micronised algae for body wraps or for use in professional baths
It converts fat into energy (powerful lipolytic action). It produces a similar action on the skin as the sex hormones. It vitalises and remineralises the skin. It reduces surface tension and helps substances penetrate the skin.

To complement slimming and cellulite treatments. Skin ageing, and lifeless skins.

Presentation: 3 kg jar, 5 kg jar.

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