Immediate, long-lasting effect. The CAVIARE range products are the result of a unique technology that increases the cell regeneration process, rejuvenating the skin, while also reducing existing wrinkles and preventing new ones from reappearing.

Anti-wrinkle cream. An excellent cream, with a modern design, that very quickly improves the signs of skin ageing
Increases the blood flow. Reconstitutes mature skins. Improves hydration. Reduces fine wrinkles. Renews epidermis cells. Increases oxygenation.

Indicated for wrinkled, aged, extra dry skins, and all skins that have to be exposed to very cold and hot climates.

Presentation: 50 ml jar. 200 ml tube.

Tightening and moisturising gel
It moisturises and enhances the penetration of the Matrígel caviar patches. When applied repeatedly, it reduces muscular neurotransmission, preventing and slowing down the formation of wrinkles.

For all skin types.

Presentation: 100 ml tube.

Rehydrating, tightening and refreshing gel
It helps to soften existing wrinkles and delay the appearance of any further wrinkles. It spectacularly improves skin hydration and firmness. It is formulated with caviar extract and Argireline (hexapeptide 10), both of which act as powerful reducing elements in wrinkle formation (SPF 8. Din scale).

Ideal for all skin types. Unisex product.

Presentation: 100 ml tube.

Hydrophyllic mask, made from a matrix of liophylised algae impregnated with caviar

For mainly wrinkled skins, but also all mature skin types lacking nourishment.

Presentation: 6 sheets containing 5 pads.

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