Detox repair

Detox repair treatment

The Detox Repair treatment not only eliminates the build-up of toxins, but also boosts the action of the proteasomes that are responsible for doing so.
In addition to recommendations to exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin to keep it looking beautiful and in tiptop condition, recent tests have revealed that detoxifying the skin’s cells plays an essential role in delaying cutaneous ageing, as it is responsible for the enzymatic degradation of the toxic proteins that prevent the skin from functioning normally.


Triple action exfoliator formulated from three different acids:
– Beta-hydroxy salicylic acid.
– Alpha-hydroxy mandelic acid.
– Poly-hydroxy bionic lactobionic acid.

Presentation: 50ml dropper.

Detoxifying oil-based serum.
Boosts the action of proteasomes, protein complexes present in cells and whose function is to degrade harmful proteins and eliminate free radicals.
Massaging the product into the skin boosts the elimination of the toxic proteins that have built up in the skin whilst at the same time providing the physiological and biochemical nutrients necessary for skin repair and regeneration.
Principal properties
• Detoxes and repairs the skin’s cells, enabling it to function correctly.
• frees the skin from harmful proteins.
• Accelerates microcirculation.
• Boosts overnight cell regeneration.
• Provides nourishing antioxidants and vitamins.
• Softens lines.
• Strengthens the skin’s natural barrier.
• Enhances and accelerates the effect and efficiency of night creams.
• Doubles the benefits of all professional treatments

Presentation: 35ml dropper.


A gel face mask that immediately restores moisture levels, made from natural moisturising and revitalising ingredients. It helps to fight and prevent signs of skin ageing, providing the essential elements that keep skin looking beautiful and healthy.

Principal properties
• Extremely refreshing and relaxing.
• Immediately restores the ‘Natural Moisturising Factor’.
• Anti-inflammatory and healing.
• Contains anti-microbial properties.
• Contains antioxidants that prevent skin ageing.
• Boosts skin regeneration and repair.
• Helps to eliminate dead cells from the epidermis.
• Temporarily reduces fine lines.
Suitable for: All skin types

Presentation: 200ml tube.

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