Adaptation of the most effective and sophisticated anti-cellulite agents, which promote the removal of cellulite and conceal the bulges formed by the accumulation of fat in localised parts of the body.

State-of-the-art anti-cellulte and lipo reductor gel, in the form of a modern liposome system that guarantees that all the components penetrate down to the deepest layers of the skin
It eliminates cellulite. It removes fat and reduces bulges. It produces endorphins, which are molecules that convey the message to eliminate fat. It captures and eliminates free radicals. It fluidifies and helps to eliminate the mucous polysaccharides that accumulate in the conjunctive tissue. It drains the lymphatic system and removes undesirable waste. It reabsorbs oedemas.

For eliminating cellulite and the excess accumulation of fat anywhere on the body.

Presentation: 200 ml tube.

Professional state-of-the-art lipo reducing and anti-cellulite treatment
It removes cellulite. It conceals “bulges”. It eliminates and liquates the viscosity of the conjunctive tissue. It effectively drains the blood flow and lymphatic system. It promotes converting fat into energy. It improves cell membrane permeability. It ensures excellent hydration, and makes sure that all the product’s active ingredients penetrate the skin.

For removing cellulite nodules and accumulations of fat found anywhere in the body.

Presentation: Box containing 10 phials.

Anti-cellulite alginate peel-off mask
Stimulates the conversion of fat into energy (lipolytic action). Improves peripheral blood flow. Drains venous circulation and lymphatic system ecstasy. Produces a feeling of freshness and immediate relief. Vitalises the skin. Due to its osmotic effect, it helps to improve the extent to which all the active ingredients used in the treatment, penetrate the skin. Solidifies after 8 minutes. Can be removed without showering.

For cellulite, swollen legs, micro varicose veins, stretch marks and scars.

Presentation: 1,5 kg sachet.

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