Intensive gels with rehydrating and reaffirming retard™ liposomes

DU uses Retard P.M.L.® Liposomes (multilaminar) in its formulae. These enhance the extent to which the active ingredients they carry can penetrate the skin. Given the high penetration power of our liposomed products, an immediate, reaffirming effect is noticed after the first application.

Hydrating gel with Retard PML® multilaminar liposomes.
Restores hydrolipid mantle. Causes superficial vasoconstriction. Produces a tightening effect. Redensifines the skin. Smooths the skin. Increases the skin’s flexibility.

Indicated for all skin types. Mainly dehydrated, flaccid skins. Ideal for treating the skin on the neck
and cleavage. For treatments with electrical currents: ultrasounds, electroporation, galvanic current.

Presentation: 200 ml tube.

Hydrating gel with Retard PML® multilaminar liposomes.
Hydrates. Contracts pores. Reaffirms. Revitalises the skin.

Indicated for oily, dehydrated or flaccid skins, or skins with dilated pores.

Presentation: 35 ml dropper, 100 ml tube.

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