Slim Gym

DU Slim Gym

Reducing Serum. Fat reducer.

Slim Gym reduces bodyweight and sculpts the figure, imitating the effects of resistance aerobic exercise. The efficiency of this product is further enhanced when applied immediately before phyisical exercise.

Body shaping gel. Suitable for athletes.

Its main active ingredient “Actigym”, obtained through biotechnology, imitates the effect of aerobic exercise, helping to redefine areas of the body that are sensitive to flaccidity due to ageing or insufficient physical activity, such as the abdomen, arms and thighs. On contact with the active ingredient, the lipocytes release 68.3% more Adiponectin, and thus, the skeletal muscles increase their activity by 47%, producing more slow fibres that consume much more energy. 


  • Sculpting the silhouette. 
  • Reduce contours.
  • Reduce fat deposits.
  • Lower the body weight.


No physical exercise:

Apply in the morning after a shower and at some other time of the day if possible. (Not at night)

With physical exercise:

Apply before sport practice in the area to be reduced. Afterwards, take a shower and immediately apply the product again to the area.


  • Check the weight.
  • Measurement of the area. (With reference)
  • Perform a Slimming Peeling Scrub.
  • Carry out a light heating massage on the area to be treated.
  • Extend Slim Gym to full penetration.
  • Dry the area.
  • Apply Criocel and perform a relaxing massage.


Actigym™: Marine ingredient that improves body tone and redefines the silhouette by reducing the abdomen, thigh contours and arm flaccidity. Imitates the effect of resistance training with excellent results that increase when combined with physical activity.

Caffeine: Decreases the capacity to accumulate fat in the adipose tissue and accelerates its degradation, which makes it perfect to be part of anti-cellulite and reducing creams. To these two properties a third one is added, and it is that it improves the superficial circulation. 

Salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid): The product contains 2%, the maximum percentage authorized for cosmetic use. This acid, soluble in oil, allows a very fast penetration through the fat of the pores. It eliminates the impurities that obstruct them and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Castor Oil: Castor oil, of vegetable origin, has great minerals and proteins and even essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It moisturizes the skin and can help remove stretch marks and blemishes.


500 ml

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