For oily skins, and skins with incipient acne

DU has studied each and every one of the problems affecting oily skins, and has designed a series of products capable
of overcoming them. The SPRING line by Du hygienises the skin without causing irritation. All the products in the range are bactericides, and therefore preserve and hinder the development of the microbial flora, while also calming and decongesting the skin.

Grease secretion regulating gel
It regulates sebaceous gland secretions. It disinfects the skin and protects against microbial infections. It inhibits the activity of 5-alpha-reductase, which is important for the formation of acne. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It renews and reduces corneous cells, preventing them from accumulating in the skin’s pores, and this effectively hinders the formation of blackheads. It creates a fresh feeling, leaving skin relaxed. Hydrates and reinforces the skin’s barrier.

Indicated for oily, seborreic skins, with blackheads, incipiente or first stage acne.

Presentation: 50 ml tube.

Astringent, anti-bacterial soap
In-depth cleansing without irritation. Cleans seborrheic filaments and hinders appearance of blackheads. It is astringent and regulates the production of grease without drying the skin. It has anti-bacterial properties and prevents the development and spread of skin bacteria. It refreshes and decongests the skin.

Indictaed for oily, seborreic skins, with incipiente or first stage acne.

Presentation: 100 ml tube.

Creamy exfoliant gel
Eliminates corneous cells. Removes detritus from the skin. It contains wax microparticles that penetrate the pores and remove dirt. The liposomes it contains increase moisturising and skin flexibility. It calms and refreshes the skin, and is non-irritant.

For all skin types.

Presentation: 200 ml tube.

Skin barrier fluid, ultra lightweight with high sun protection (IPS 30)
Protects normal and oily skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation. Eliminates brightness and leaves skin matte and completely protected. Antibacterial, moisturizing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and plainants qualities.

Suitable for normal, oily, sensitive, with freckles, juvenile acne, treatment with retinoids and treatment of Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

Presentation: 100 ml tube.

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