To interrupt skin ageing on all fronts. High concentration of pure vitamins and trace elements that invigorate, stimulate, nourish, hydrate and protect the skin.

The aim of these products is to slow down the skin ageing process from all aspects. Vitaoligotherapy is a technique created by DU that combines the correct sequence and application of: pure vitamins (A-E-C-F), trace elements, Coenzyme Q10, Argireline, Retard P.L.M.® Liposomes and other selected active ingredients that vitalise, stimulate, nourish, hydrate and protect the skin.

Powerful anti-ageing product. Single dosis capsules of Vitamins E + F, for topical application
It prevents the formation of free radicals. It prevents the perioxydation of other vitamins. It slows down the destruction of fats and hormones. It improves the permeability of skin arteriols and venules. It increases the skin’s natural oxygenation and nutrition. It restores the skin’s barrier and helps to maintain correct moisturising levels. It increases the skin’s resistance to atmospheric agents. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties. It increases the skin’s elasticity.

For dry, aged skins and skins that lack oestrogen, or are damaged by excess solar radiation, or with allergic
reactions or circulation problems (rosacea, etc.).

Presentation: 50 caps.

Moisturising and anti-oxidant cream. Very light. Penetrates the skin quickly. Non-oily.
It maintains natural moisturising by increasing endogenous water in the epidermis. It enhances and increases hyaluronic acid. It increases the renewal of keratinocytes. It behaves like an anti-oxidant, preventing the formation of free radicals. It refreshes, relaxes and softens the skin immediately, while also protecting it.

For all skin types

Presentation: 100 and 200 ml tube.

Lubricant cream that nourishes and calms.
Moisturises, nourishes and quickly eliminates skin dryness. It has calming, anti-erythematous and anti-allergic properties. It has anti-oxidant activity. It prevents deterioration of skin fats, which occurs at the outset of the menopause. It produces an instant feeling of freshness, rest and wellbeing to dry and congested skins, and to skins experiencing hot flushes during the climacteric or menopause. Non-oily, once it has penetrated the skin with a gentle massage.

Indicated for dry, extra dry, lifeless skins and skins lacking oestrogen.

Presentation: 100 ml jar.

Moisturising cream that protects against solar radiation (s.p.30 din scale).
It provides a physical and chemical barrier that protects the skin effectively from UV radiation. Neutralises the formation of free radicals. Decongests and regenerates the skin. Maintains the right level of water in the skin. Eliminates skin dryness and refreshes.

For all skin types that need sun protection. Mainly dry, aged and blemished skins, during pregnancy, the menopause and after treatments with AHA and similar.

Presentation: 100 ml tube.

Protective and slightly lubricant moisturising cream
Protects against UV radiation and atmospheric pollutants. It increases water collection, maintaining the correct level of dermal hydration. Slightly lubricates the skin’s surface, eliminating the feeling of dryness. It increases the skin’s elasticity. Prevents and slows down the appearance of signs of skin ageing (flaccidity, dryness, blemishes and wrinkles).

For dehydrated and dry skins, with very little oil content. Skins needing nutrients and protection against UV radiation, and atmospheric pollutants

Presentation: 200 ml tube.

Rosehip oil
A new cosmetic concept, in which modern submicrodispersion techniques have been used on the active ingredients and Rosehip oil. It has flexibilising, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and healing properties. It increases collagen. It increases the skin’s natural defenses. It prevents skin water loss. It eliminates the feeling of tightness. It protects against atmospheric agents. It restores damaged skins.

For dry, dehydrated, erythematous, sensitive, lifeless skins, and all skins damaged by physical or
chemical causes (burns, recent scars,skins subjected to laser treatment,…).

Presentation: 35 ml dropper.

Facial rejuvenating mask, with immediate effects and other regenerative effects that are produced over a longer term.
Reduces skin atony immediately and increases the skin’s elasticity. Tightens the skin and fine wrinkles, preventing them from forming. Moisturises and softens the skin just 15 minutes after being applied. Eliminates facial fatigue. Revitalises. Has anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous properties. Fixes and holds make-up.

For dry, dehydrated, tired, sensitive or wrinkled skins. For skins that need a quick “set me up”. For after mesotherapy, surgery and other medical treatments. Ideal as a make-up base for special occasions.

Presentation: 3 units box.

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